Local Advice

We think we have put together a great list of attractions to help you have the best vacation possible but when you are here – there is more you can do.

Check the local papers – they are where everyone advertises their latest gigs (See below), products, food specials and discounted room rates

Use the Coastal Current: http://www.valleymorningstar.com/coastal_current/

ASK ABOUT DAILY SPECIALS – a great way to save money!

If you are not happy with a service, room or food – TELL THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE – it’s the only way they can get better and help right on the spot. We find negative reviews after not saying anything to resolve the situation doesn’t help anyone improve what they do. Help us to help others by getting better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The weather is fabulous – averaging over 70 in the winter and in the 90’s with an onshore breeze in the summer – it’s perfect! The water temperature is amazing so you always be able to enjoy every day of your stay. And yes it rains, occasionally but it doesn’t last all day.

If you are using a national weather service for info then it will not reflect our truly unique weather systems accurately… just call your hotel and ask if you are not sure! But vacations aren’t all about the weather

They are all about family

We have 3 airports nearby

Brownsville BRO – United and American

About 30 minutes from the island and you can rent a car

Take the Free Shuttle service (book in advance)

Take a Taxi (most expensive)


Harlingen HRL –  United and Southwest (Delta and Sun Country are Seasonal)

45 minutes from the Island and has the same options as Brownsville


McAllen MFE – United and American

About 90 minutes from the Island and car rental would be the best way as there is no free shuttle and a Taxi is costly

Check if your hotel can help


If you are driving – take your time! – We are not very far from major Texas cities such as San Antonio (5hrs) Austin (6hrs) Dallas (8hrs) and that’s perfect for a weekend. If you are travelling further we would love to see you.

Bring things that will make you happy on the beach and in the sun! Protection for yourself (sunblock, Hats and sunglasses etc.) and waterproof protection for your tech as it’s humid and we are surrounded by water!

You can buy any last minute items or indeed most things you will ever need on the Island or in Port Isabel. We have H.E.B and Walmart in Port Isabel and CVS/Walgreens nearby plus a full laundry service on SPI.

Not really – There is the free wave (Island Transit bus service) that runs from 7am to 9pm

or you can walk depending on where you are – the beach is a great highway!

You can also rent bicycles, mopeds, mini 3 wheelers, golf cart and just about anything you need. Check out the choices from http://www.spiactivities.com/

If you want to play Golf the South Padre island Golf Course is about 12 miles away in a small town called Laguna Vista – so you’ll need a rental car to get there.

Read our website for lots of great ideas and if your hotel is on the beach I would start with a Sandcastle Lesson with American Champion Andy Hancock – the #1 rated beach activity for the entire gulf coast of Texas according to Trip Advisor! www.sandcastlelessons.com

Followed by a trip to Sea Turtle inc to see how we can save, help and rehabilitate turtles from the gulf who are sick or injured. This is the #1 attraction on South Padre Island according to Trip Advisor.


The City of South Padre Island has MOBI Chairs – amphibious wheelchairs that can be used on the beach and in the water so no-one misses out!

Texas recognizes South Padre as the most accessible beach in Texas

To get your MOBI chair call the SPI Fire Dept on 956 761 3040

Ask your hotel whether they are ADA certified but most locations can accommodate a wheelchair and if they can’t at first, they’ll find a way!

Local businesses welcome everyone

South Padre Island is the fireworks capital of Texas!

During the summer season Memorial Day to Labor Day

Displays are scheduled every Thursday and Friday over the Bay near Louies backyard restaurant but you can see them from almost any spot on the bay…try a fireworks cruise with http://theoriginaldolphinwatch.net/feature-item-2/

And every Friday and Saturday over the Gulf of Mexico near to the Hilton and Claytons bar

Check our list of Island Favorites but you can find almost anything to suit your taste and budget on South Padre Island and across the Bridge in Port Isabel.

We have the #1 eatery on Trip Advisor for Texas – see if you can find it!

NO – it is in Laguna Vista about 12 miles away and you will need a car to get there www.spigolf.com

Just go to Pirates landing cameras at http://pirateslandingportisabel.com/WebCam.aspx

And check the view for yourself!

There are also Island cams provided by


Contact us on wedontdoboring@gmail.com and we’ll get right back to you

We don’t have booking or hotel information and please check the website first! You have to do the reading! See you on the beach!


Music & Entertainers

Always ask the locals where they eat and why? Everyone will be happy to help! We love to recommend good friends with great foo, rooms and service.

Checkout our fabulous entertainers on the Island

There is music everywhere but for events and schedules check out

Our Friends

Danica – great recording artist and island entertainer – describes  herself “barefoot and wired” which is a perfect description for her high energy performances


Leslie Blasing – island legend and the Rio Grande valleys entertainer of the year many times over. Leslie can sing anything! – and has a huge following – especially with winter Texans!


Our island style is perfectly represented by our friends the Bongo Dogs who don’t work as often as Danica and Leslie but are a full band with brass and their sound and music are very distinctive

Check them out at http://www.bongodogs.com/

The best place for checking out the local music scene is on the

WOW South Padre Island https://www.facebook.com/groups/wowspi